The SON Foundation serves cancer patients and their caregivers by giving them a place to stay when they are coming to Indianapolis from out of town for cancer treatments or appointments.  

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Patients do not have to stay at the house.  If a family member is inpatient, the caregivers are welcome to stay at the SON Foundation House without the patient.

We only have two criteria for our guests: 

  1. The patient has a cancer diagnosis.  This can be a new diagnosis or a past diagnosis.  

  2. You live more than 20 miles outside of downtown Indianapolis. 


Cancer patients and their caregivers stay for FREE at the SON Foundation House.  We do not charge you to stay.


However, if you'd like to give back, learn how here.


How do I reserve a room at the SON Foundation House?  

First step is to contact your social worker at the hospital.  If they are unfamiliar with the referral process, they can email us ( or
call (317-504-9292) for more information.

If you do not have a social worker at the hospital, we can help you with a reservation:

What happens once my social worker reserves a room?

  1. You will get a confirmation email.  The social worker and SON Foundation will also get a confirmation email. 

  2. In the email to the patient contact, there will be a link for the remaining paperwork to be completed.  This allows the patient contact to fill out information for those staying at the house, as well as, sign their paperwork.

  3. Once paperwork is complete, all parties (social worker, patient contact, & SON Foundation) will receive another email that gives more details about the stay.  This email includes directions to the SON Foundation House and a door code for them to access the house and their room. 

  4. If guests do not have access to the internet, the social worker may help complete the registration information for them. 



“Thank you to those who support the SON Foundation's ministry. They make it possible for people going through health issues, and their family, have a place to stay while receiving treatment. The home is clean and Matt and Hannah are the best.” - Eileen


If you need to change, cancel, or extend your stay, you may do so by contacting your social worker or the SON Foundation directly.  

Extensions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Extensions may be granted as long as rooms are available.  Please understand that if you want to extend your stay, it may mean changing rooms to accommodate your request. Extensions are NEVER guaranteed.