Every day, many cancer center patients come from outside Indianapolis for cancer treatments. These patients are in town for multiple days receiving treatments and often their family members want to be present for comfort and support. 


We don’t want the SON Foundation to be a financial burden on anyone.  Our hope is to take away such burdens during a difficult time.  We understand that medical finances can be a heavy burden, too.  However, many guests like to give back to the SON Foundation to help us continue to serve our guests.  A typical nightly donation is about $15 per night.  Our cost to keep the house up and running is approximately $45 per night, per room.   If you multiple that $45 per night by the number of rooms, times the number of nights in a year, 365, you get our annual fundraising goal of $82,125. Use the button below to begin supporting our mission to provide affordable housing for cancer patients and their families.

Kroger Community Rewards

If you shop at Kroger, all you have to do is register your Kroger Plus Card and every time you shop, a donation will be made to the SON Foundation. Go to to sign up.  Simply search for SON Foundation and select as your designated charity.


Are you an Amazon shopper? If so, this is the deal for you. Once the SON Foundation is designated as your charity of choice, 0.5% of all of your purchases will go directly to the SON Foundation. Go to to sign up. Simply  search for SON Foundation when choosing your charity.

Help the SON Foundation House in a simple way. Purchase our next guest some coffee, toilet paper, or paper towels off our Amazon WishList. 

Amazon WishList




Choose one of the 5 Bedrooms or one of the common areas to support on a monthly or annual basis. 


Help make our events special by coming alongside the SON Foundation and our Board of Directors, several levels to get involved. Visit our Events Page to learn more. 



Maybe you aren't in a position to help us financially, but maybe you can lend your time and talents to make sure that every future guest has the opportunity to experience the warmth of staying at the SON Foundation House. Click button below to learn more about how you can get involved. 

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