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Guests have come from 25 different states and all over Indiana & Canada



Since opening:


Operating/Programming costs
for one month: $6,975


Cost per room:

$45 per night


Average donation per night:


2019 Stats:

  • Number of guests served – over 340

  • Number of nights provided – 1,258

  • Average Occupancy – 75%


Number of guests served:
over 1,635

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Number of nights provided:


Average Occupancy


2020 Stats:

  • Closed for 104 days, due to COVID-19

  • 520 potential nights of lodging lost (for all 5 rooms)

  • Number of guests served - over 160

  • Number of nights provided - 649

  • Occupancy - 92%




A Diagnosis for Change

In 2012, Denise Jacobson was a 4th grade teacher and shared a classroom with one of her best friends, Tiffany Thompson.  In February 2012, Tiffany was diagnosed with Stage IV Her2+ breast cancer.  As you can imagine, this news changed the lives of many.  Tiffany began treatments to eradicate the cancer, while Denise did everything she could to support Tiffany through this difficult time.  At the end of the school year, Tiffany made the decision to end her teaching career in order to allow her body to heal.  Denise also took a year leave to be available for Tiffany.  During that year, Denise realized that teaching was not what God had in store for her next. Denise quit her teaching job and started searching for what she would do next.  




A Season of Searching

While searching for where the next journey would lead, Denise volunteered at a variety of organizations.  While volunteering, Denise was looking for a need that had yet to be met within the Indianapolis community.  She wasn’t looking for anything specific, but really just exploring. While volunteering one day at the Ronald McDonald House in Indianapolis, the manager expressed that they are only able to serve the families of sick children.  However, families of adults request to stay and they have to be turned away.  Denise thought that creating something like the Ronald McDonald House was way out of her league, so she just pushed the thought aside and went along with her day. 




A dream is born

On a bike ride, later that evening, Denise was telling her husband, Scott, about her day.  She mentioned what she was told by the manager that day.  Having a background in real estate, Scott suggested the idea of buying a larger house, renovating it, and allowing people to stay in the house.  And that is where it all began.  Denise wanted to share the love of Christ with others by opening a home in downtown Indianapolis to give cancer patients and their families a place to stay when they are coming from out of town for cancer treatments.   




Building a support group

After that evening, Denise came up with a group of ten friends from all areas of her life that she thought might have the desire to help with this “crazy idea”.  One evening in May 2013, Denise & Scott hosted their friends for dinner and with everyone crowded in their living room, explained this new idea and asked for each of them to prayerfully consider helping with the cause.  Every single person in the room, along with most of their spouses, eagerly agreed to come alongside Denise to see if this dream could become a reality.




Officially registered

On June 19, 2013, the SON Foundation was an officially registered business.  A 6-bedroom house, in downtown Indianapolis, was purchased in September of the same year.  On December 23, 2013 (Denise’s birthday), the SON Foundation was granted the official 501(c)3 status, in record time.




The name SON Foundation stems from several ideas that are all incorporated within the Foundation: 

When Tiffany Thompson and Denise Jacobson were teaching, their classroom was fondly known as the SON Room.  It was much easier to say the SON’s classroom, instead of Jacobson-Thompson. 

SON is also an acronym for Serving Others’ Needs.  We serve the needs of others by providing cancer patients and their families a “home-away-from-home”, surrounded by the love of Christ.

The SON Foundation is ONLY made possible by the many blessings that God has given to us.  The biggest blessing of all is God’s gift to us, His SON Jesus.  Jesus came to earth to take our sins away and make us whole again, with God.  We are so thankful that Jesus has rescued us from our sin and we strive to show that love to each and every guest that walks into the SON Foundation House. 


  • Resident Assistants live on site and take care of showing compassion towards guests, turning over rooms, and making sure the house is in working order.

  • Guests are provided with a welcome folder that contains information on the house and area resources, a Bible, and a welcome bag of goodies (if available).

  • Bible study is held bi-weekly at the SON House and all guests are invited and welcome. 

  • Most items in the house donated by supporters

  • All funding comes from individuals, churches, & corporate donations (materials/labor)

  • Volunteer Opportunities: Cleaning, making meals for guests, creating a fundraising event

Image by Patrick Fore

In 2019 & Jan 2020 we had ALL HVAC Units Replaced – Two rooms have individual heating/cooling units.  Rest of the house runs on (ALL NEW) 2 furnaces, 2 AC Units, 2 Water Heaters.  All possible because of a generous donor.

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