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Tiffinany & Denise

Tiffany ThompSON and Denise JacobSON taught 4th grade together, sharing a classroom, for 4 years in Franklin Township. Their room was affectionately called the SON room. In February 2012, Tiffany was diagnosed with Stage 4 HER2/neu-positive breast cancer. This journey would test the Thompson family and friends financially, emotionally and mentally. Tiffany believes that she would not have made it in to remission without the Lord's strength and the belief in His plan. Although this was a very trying time, Tiffany's faith brought her peace and through Tiffany many other hearts were lifted towards God.

 The LORD replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”
-Exodus 33:14

The Thompson family was blessed with a great support system but realized that many people were not as fortunate as they and would need outside assistance to make life easier. Even the smallest of things can become a struggle for someone battling cancer. Denise Jacobson was called to offer support to those families having to make this journey. After talking with many cancer providers it soon became clear that affordable housing during treatment was lacking in Indianapolis. Often the only choice for patients coming from out of town are hotels, which not only are expensive but lack the comfortable and supportive atmosphere that the SON Foundation strives to provide.

The SON Foundation opened it’s first hospitality house, the SON Foundation House, in August 2014. Since then, we have served a wide variety of guests, providing hundreds of nights of lodging.


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