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Guest Paperwork

This page is for guests that plan to stay at the SON Foundation House and have already made a reservation through their Social Worker. If you do not have a reservation, please contact your Social Worker and they will assist you in getting you a room.

The following documents must be read and/or filled out in order to stay at the SON Foundation House. If you already have a reservation, you should have received an email confirmation with information about your stay. A link was sent in this email for you to fill out all of your paperwork online. If possible, please fill out your paperwork online. These forms must be READ and SIGNED BEFORE you will receive your door code to enter the house and your room. Once completed online, you will receive an email that contains your door code and directions to the SON Foundation House. The documents below are for your reference only. If online paperwork is complete, you do not need to complete the forms below.
  • SON Foundation House Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines - This document includes important information about the SON Foundation House and your stay. If possible, please read this document before you arrive at the SON Foundation House.
  • Waiver of Liability - This form must be signed by ALL guests in order to stay at the SON Foundation House.
  • Guest Check-In Card - Please fill out and sign this card if you will not be checking in during regular office hours (4-6 p.m. daily).

The documents below are documents you will receive at the SON Foundation House when you arrive. You do not need to print these documents they are here for your reference.

SON Foundation Referral Form

This form is for Social Workers ONLY. A password is required to continue.

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